PRESS RELEASE- In Time Tec releases an award-winning suite of apps supporting HP’s latest firmware

HP Workpath is a new open developer platform from HP that enables installing software applications on compatible HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) running HP FutureSmart 4 or higher. These apps are a suite of software connectors that allow customers to leverage MFP capabilities to simplify and enhance workflows with cloud solutions. 

As a leading HP Workpath partner, In Time Tec has created several HP Workpath apps targeting key vertical markets such as education and operations. 

Below are the apps that have been released: 

Operations Apps

  • Connect to Quickbooks Online: Scan bills and enter transactions using the MFP interface, and immediately update to QuickBooks Online.
  • Connect to TSheets: Scan and enter timesheets using the MFP interface, and immediately update your TSheets account.
  • Connect to SmartVault: Scan secure documents from any HP Workpath device directly to SmartVault.
  • Connect to Outlook 365: Scan and send emails from any HP Workpath device directly through your Outlook 365 account.

Education Apps

  • Connect to Blackboard, Connect to Canvas, Connect to Moodle: Save time and improve document sharing between students and instructors.
  • Connect to Remark Test Grading: Allows teachers to quickly print and distribute test sheets (OMR sheets) on plain paper. Allows teachers to scan completed exams into the Remark Test Grading Cloud Software for automatic grading and publishing of results. 

Other Apps

  • Connect to DocuSign: Scan, send, and save templates from any HP device directly to your DocuSign account.
  • Connect to Salesforce: Manage your Salesforce contracts straight from your MFP device.

“We are excited about the HP Workpath ecosystem and the possibilities it creates to easily connect MFP capabilities to cloud-based solutions. The end result will be simple and shortened workflows for end-users,” says In Time Tec President, Dan Puga.

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About In Time Tec

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