Why Your Companies Need to Focus on People

Whenever we put people first, miracles happen. That’s why In Time Tec always puts people before the goal, process, or profit. 

It has been seen that many companies fail to create a healthy environment centered around their people. This is considered one of the biggest workplace challenges in the business world because too easily profitability exceeds the workers' happiness. And many people are leaving their current job and moving to an entirely new industry because they don't feel valued or appreciated. According to a study by Mc Kinsey, only 35% of those who quit in the last two years took on a new role in the same sector. Employees no longer tolerate toxic bosses and culture; hence they are looking for a new role or switching the entire industry.  

Building an authentic relationship with people around an organization with mutual trust and transparency promotes a healthier collaboration together. It is evident that employees who are not valued and appreciated are looking for job satisfaction. 

It’s also important for the employee to discover an environment that works for them. If the company shares their culture, take the time to see if your goals, aspirations, and way of working align with the company’s methods. At In Time Tec, we care about the people we bring onto our team. We want to ensure they’re a good fit for our ‘people first’ culture and understand what it means to be a leader and practice integrity. You can check what In Time Tec looks for while hiring!

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Why is a People-First Approach Valuable to a Business?

In the past decade, many companies have evolved to create a people-first culture for their employees. It derives from the changes caused by the pandemic and the fast pace of technological advancements that are enabling remote and flexible work. Now employees foresee their lifestyle, values, skills, objectives, and goals in their work. This approach has not only created high- performance but also led to a dignified working environment.  

However, different companies have their own definition to explain company culture. But, when it comes to In Time Tec, work-life balance is an important factor. We ensure that employees are able and encouraged to take care of themselves, their families, and their loved ones. Here are some quick learnings that you can get from In Time Tec and transform your workplace into a happy place 

Learnings from In Time Tec: We prioritize people

In Time Tec makes people its priority. This drives mutual trust, confidence, a better connection (5), and commitment toward each other while producing quality results.Call to Action: What's the origin of In Time Tec? Learn all about it from some of our India employees. Click to read the inspiring stories. Jeet Kumar, CEO of In Time Tec, understands why it is important to take care of our employees' overall well-being for organizational success. Jeet firmly believes we are the creators of possibilities. When we take care of our people, it helps to open so many doors to new ideas, creation, and love. Not only this, Jeet leads us with uttermost affection, and care which makes to look over people for anything else.  As our CEO, Jeet wants everyone to find inner peace so they can do great work and serve the company in a better way! 

Through this, our employees stay motivated and involved throughout the process by taking proactive steps toward the company's success. It’s also important to understand that employees are human beings with fears, dreams, aspirations, families, and passions. There can be instances when workplace burnout, is real, but leaders can practice awareness and identify ways to prevent reasons of such fatigue at the workplace.   

In Time Tec Brand Promise "ROI or you don't pay." 

In addition to this, we always strive to offer a win/win with our partners before taking any project on. Apart from this, we never post our prices, because pricing isn't our focal point. Instead, we aim to create personalized plans for each project that suits the customer's needs and satisfies their expectations. 

This way our partners carry out In Time Tec in a way that builds a special place in the community and around.  

Learnings from In Time Tec: We celebrate 

In Time Tec loves celebrating the small wins. This brings staff together for a purpose and creates a sense of achievement. Such celebrations give an enjoyable break from the regular official schedule and offer a morale booster.  

In Time Tec believes that there are many important things our employees expects apart from a paycheck.  Every Friday at 2 PM we have snacks, drinks, and games to celebrate our small and large successes that happened over the week. This ensures our people know we care about them, and we acknowledge them for what they are in life. 

Learnings from In Time Tec: We are all ears

We have observed that many career advancement opportunities are important for employees nowadays. Many organizations fail to offer these opportunities to their employees. But, with In Time Tec, we make sure our employees are being heard and valued in terms of their employment.  

Many times, we don’t look for a resource outside of In Time Tec, we choose the right fit within the company. On the other hand, if our employees know someone and think that they would be a good fit for In Time Tec, we listen to them!  

Our HR teams hire people for who they are as a human being and later our leadership team teaches them the required skills for the project. This is how you can take your people along with you!  

Learnings from In Time Tec: Identifying future leaders

At In Time Tec, we have our own blueprint that leads us toward success. We shared our learning about commitment and how we all work together as a team to ensure collective organizational success. But, when it comes to our people, we put Integrity along with them. 

We help our employees to express themselves as a person and emerge as an inspiring leader. Whenever our employees make commitments to us, we make a promise to them.  We are taking care of our people without compromising our business results.  

Learn more about: Why Integrity Is Important? 

Why Do We Put People First?

Yes, a people-first approach boosts engagement, retention, productivity and creativity. It benefits employees and companies.  And, In Time Tec knows what the best for our employees and partners. We are known for our commitment and brand promise, want to know more about our services? Share your query with us.

At Last  Our employees are not working for In Time Tec, but In Time Tec is working for them! 

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