Why We Don't Post Our Prices

In Time Tec offers an abundance of services within several industry verticals.

With all these services, why don't we post our prices online? That's because pricing isn't our focal point. Instead, we aim to create personalized plans for each project that suits the customer's needs and satisfies their expectations. With customizable qualities, our pricing is based on what you need to help reach your business goals. 

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Image: In Time Tec Services by Industry

Prices That Are Certain

The prices known from the start are based on how the client choose to operate with us. We offer onshore, offshore, and nearshore services that allow us to provide around-the-clock support to our clients. We have three different types of resources:

Onshore: client works with US teams on US Time Zones.

Nearshore: client works with India teams on US Time Zones.

Offshore: client works with India teams on India Time Zones.

Each resource has a set monthly price. After exploratory conversations, our business development team works with our engineering team to identify the resources needed to complete a client project. It is often a mix of onshore, offshore, and nearshore to fully serve the client's expectations.

Personalized Solutions

Our pricing is based on the client's personalized plan. One group may be looking for solutions in Data Science and UI/UX, while another seeks assistance in Web Development and Cybersecurity. Because we offer services in different industries, we create a price based on a plan you create. The best part: we provide an entire team of experts that build the solutions for you and run the business successfully. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Competitors?

In Time Tec is committed to offering the greatest solutions for your company with our software expertise and united company culture. There are several aspects about us that stand out from the rest when it comes to our services and pricing:

Brand Promise - ROI or you don't pay.

If your project goals aren't met, you don't pay. Literally--our brand promise is ROI or you don't pay.  We do this to ensure your business goals are met. We want to provide high-quality development, effective services, and a welcoming culture with every project we take on. We exist to build solutions for you --and that's a promise we plan to keep.

High-end Quality

In Time Tec's products and services are high-end. This means we care about providing the best teams, strategies, and solutions for you to reach your business goals. We also establish a positive partnership with our people-oriented culture to ensure a high-quality relationship. With trust, transparency, and integrity being our leading core values, we carry that into how we serve. If quality falls short, we back it up with our brand promise. The only way to do this effectively is by offering high-end expertise and high-end quality solutions for you.

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People First

At In Time Tec, we care about people. We are a company who aims to serve those who gives us a purpose as a software solutions company. With every client and potential customer, we provide the upmost care and attention and put their goals before the price. We're focused on making an impact, formulating a personalized plan, prioritizing culture, and creating abundance. Our services and total price are based on personalized needs unique for you. We'll provide a worthwhile package that prioritizes what we can do for you before we talk about the price. 

The Process of Becoming a New Client

When it has been decided to engage with a client, a few things happen:

First, we have in-depth talks about what values the engagement will offer the client and the method In Time Tec will offer to deliver that value.

Second, we identify a team of experts needed for the project to ensure that value. 

Third, the team will work with the client to define the requirements for a no-charge trial run. During that trial run, the team will work to deliver the business value before beginning the billing engagement. 

Lastly, full speed ahead to creating abundance!

We Seek Value

As a company, In Time Tec seeks building long-term partnerships that can lead to achieving business goals and success with those who are ready to invest in a project. At the start, we always check to ensure the client has the financial resources available to fund the project to receive the high-quality care they deserve. We also seek value. If we can't add value with certain relationships, we don't engage for the sake of a paycheck.