Where in Idaho to Recycle Your Old Electronics

On last week's blog, we talked about the security concerns behind recycling your electronics, as well as the benefits of doing so. Buckle up fellow Idahoans, because today we will be talking about our top three tech recycling plants located in the Treasure Valley.  


Recycle Boise 


Recycle Boise is a full-service recycling facility and is the only E-Stewards certified electronics recycler in the state of Idaho. This certification is the highest industry electronics standard available to recyclers. Recycle Boise has a very rigid process for e-waste procedures, documentation, vendor verification and shipping regulations, making it one of the most reliable places to recycle your used tech. They take anything and everything remotely related to electronics or technology, and even provide complete data security that ensures physical destruction of all sensitive data. They also provide a $5 million insurance policy for consumer protection, as well as a certificate of destruction.  

Recycle Boise also follows environmental standards and donates electronics to schools, making it our top choice for tech recycling in Boise.  

PC Recyclers  


While PC Recyclers is not full-service, they do offer a few other services worthies of note, such as asset management and security. Some of their accepted items are available for free pickup, such as computers and laptops, server equipment, network equipment and LCD’s. PC Recyclers also has a notable donation program, where they donate equipment to churches, schools, non-profit organizations, and families in need.  

PC Recyclers caters more towards the IT market, given their asset management services. When assets are removed from an enterprise, they are moved through a slew of disposition processes, but are more commonly handed over to an IT Asset Disposition vendor to be destroyed, recycled, re-sold or donated. PC Recyclers manages these assets, so they are not lost during the disposition process. After proper disposal, PC Recyclers then provides a certificate of destruction with the serial numbers of assets received. The donor company then verifies the serial numbers on their certificate of destruction with the assets they know they handed over to PC Recyclers. Security and data safety is their top priority. 

The Reuseum 


The Reuseum isn’t your average recycling facility. As their name suggests, they are also part museum! They accept a wide variety of electronics from laptops to medical equipment while also taking care of any security concerns a customer might have when donating their tech. The Reuseum ensures that any information stored on technology is erased and encrypted with open-source software specifically made for recycling facilities.   

As for their museum, they specialize in displaying one-of-a-kind items from the worlds of science, innovation, and tech. They also offer a few educational programs. Their mission? “To bring STEM education into the lives of underserved, low income, girls, boys and minority children through hands-on success-based workshops and teaching them how to reduce, reuse and recycle.”  

Why Recycle?  


If you need a refresher from last week’s blog, electronic products are all made from valuable resources like metals, glass, and plastics. These materials take an extraordinary amount of power and energy to mine and manufacture. In fact, it takes 530 lbs. of fossil fuel, 48 lbs. of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water to manufacture one computer and monitor. That’s a lot of energy to build the computer sitting on your desk! 

For every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, 35,274 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, 75 lbs. of gold, and 33 lbs. of palladium can be recovered. Our materials are not infinite. Recycling old electronics is a small, but powerful way of preserving our environment, planet, and our livelihoods. Recycle your old tech today. 


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