Welcoming The Future Of Agriculture

It is no secret at In Time Tec, we believe in Creating Abundance. Our commitment to creation is expanding into a new industry. We are excited to introduce NextGenAgTech, a subsidiary company bringing technology innovation to agriculture.

Why agriculture?

Unsure about the definition of agriculture? Remember the Five F’s! Agriculture is food, fiber, forests, flowers, and fuel. Everything utilized in our daily lives can be traced back to agriculture!

  • Ate today? Thank a farmer or rancher.
  • Wearing clothes? Thank a farmer.
  • Used paper? Thank a logger.
  • Planted seeds or plants in a garden? Thank a horticulturalist.
  • Curious about alternative energy sources? Thank an agricultural scientist who studies how to utilize methane gas.
Our Why

As you have learned, everything can be traced to agriculture. Our CEO, Jeet Kumar, states “We serve those who serve the world.” We are inspired by the dedication and resilience found within the agriculture industry, and want to do our part to ensure it continues to thrive. Our team is committed to serving the agriculture industry for generations to come.

Where do we start?

At NextGenAgTech, we have a goal to bring technology innovation to agriculture. We are beginning in our own backyard. Did you know Idaho sells $7.8 billion of agricultural products annually? This makes agriculture the largest contributor to the state’s economy, contributing 18% of total output. Can you guess what our top agricultural commodity is? We will give you a second to think…did you guess potatoes? Wrong! While potato production contributes to one-third of the total potatoes grown in the United States, dairy is Idaho’s top agricultural commodity. Idaho ranks in the Top Ten nationally in over thirty commodities, including second in sugarbeats, third in hops, fourth in peas, and fifth in onions.

Where are we going?

We feel agriculture is not only an industry worth celebrating but serving. NextGenAgTech is currently developing agriculture technology. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow!

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