The Value of Usage-Based Pricing

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We know you game the system when it comes to your MPS tools. We know you buy one license and share it with multiple people. And we know why — to save money. But there is a clear disadvantage to the seat-based pricing system — you must sub-optimize. When everyone’s work must go through the person currently in possession of the license, it turns into a bottleneck. With seat-based pricing, you also often find yourself playing rotating license key — chasing down the license key and coordinating login times. Questions frequently arising from people using seat-based are, “Who is using the license key now?” or “Who is logged into the account?”

Recently, MPS resellers have taken an enormous hit. In times like COVID-19, your ability to go out and sell in-person has become much more difficult. This situation creates a necessity for businesses to change with the times. Usage-based pricing models for fleet design tools charge for things like the number of devices mapped instead of charging for each person doing the mapping. Fortunately for those taking advantage of usage-based pricing tools, like Cartos Suite, if you aren’t out working on new deals right now, you will pay less than those who are using seat-based pricing.

What Makes Cartos Suite Different?

Cartos Suite is a cloud-based software charging for usage within an organization, regardless of its number of users. Charging by usage means you aren’t tied to a desktop, seat, license key, or specific device. You can access your workspace from anywhere, on any device. All you need to access our tool is the internet. If you need to access tools offline, we have a robust architecture supporting caching your work until you can connect again.

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Because our tool is entirely cloud-based, it alleviates the potential for data loss. If a hard drive crashes or someone leaves the company, you are protected. All the information will remain in the cloud and can easily be transferred to someone else. Because the work can continue, whether that person is there, you don’t need to worry about losing important data.

Additionally, usage-based pricing creates flexibility. If your business is down, the cost of our tool goes down accordingly. Because it is a variable expense that can fluctuate with sales instead of carrying a sizeable fixed expense, this approach is much more efficient. There is no versioning, so the end-user doesn’t have to download and install updates. We are continually taking customer feedback and improving the quality of our product.

It’s time to make the switch. Cartos Suite will help you optimize your work, alleviate the thought of losing data, and only charge you for what you use. If your business is ready to move with the times, be sure to check out our Cartos Suite of MPS tools to start saving money and win more deals.

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