Top Traits We Look For In A New Hire

group of employees standing in front of In Time Tec office

In Time Tec is hiring at an impressive speed. Last year alone, we added over 200 members to our team — so many that we had to find additional office space! With all this hiring, our recruiters meet hundreds of candidates a month, both in the US and in India. So what exactly do we look for when we are interviewing potential employees? 


First, we look for openness. We look for someone who is open to exploring life, themselves, and their purpose; someone who is open to feedback and new ways of learning. We ask questions such as: share a time when you disagreed with a decision someone in leadership made. What was the situation, what didn’t work for you, what did you do, and what was the outcome? 


Next, we look to see if the candidate is others-focused. Others-focused people have others at the top of their minds at all times. They are committed to the development and success of their colleagues. They are constantly asking themselves, “What can I be doing for other people?” We gauge how others-focused someone is by asking questions like, share about a time when you demonstrated leadership, and it was uncomfortable; why did you do it, and what was the outcome? When the potential employee is talking about what they want out of this life, they share about making a difference in other people's lives. When they are talking about what makes them happy, it usually involves others. 

We look for someone that is going to fit in with our “People First” motto. If someone isn’t others-focused they typically show up and do their job and go home. While this is what some companies are looking for, we look for someone who is eager to contribute to what we are up to here at In Time Tec- Creating Abundance

Willingness to do what needs to be done

The next thing we look for is someone that has a willingness to do what needs to be done. When everyone at In Time Tec has this same willingness, things tend to go a lot smoother and it is an all-around better place to be. For software engineers, this may look like a willingness to try a different programming language than the one they are most familiar with. It looks like seeing a gap and filling that gap. It may also look like shifting projects because an opportunity arises and we need to move some of our resources around. 

Questions we may ask to gauge this willingness to do what needs to be done could look like: Explain a time when you did something that you didn’t want to do. Think of a time when you saw a gap in your work environment and knew you had the skills to help- How did you approach it? 


People that are loving first and foremost are good listeners. You can tell when sharing that they are listening and seeking to understand. They can get into other peoples’ worlds and show up for others in a way that is meaningful. They have other people's best interests in mind and you can count on them to help you see things from a different perspective in a loving way. These candidates set aside time in their life to show others that they care. This can look like spending time volunteering, going on a weekly date night with their significant other, going to their kids' sports games, etc. 

We know that people often show their love in different ways, so we ask questions like: How do you spend your free time? What are you up to in life? What inspires you? How would your friends describe you? 


Lastly, we look for individuals that align with our In Time Tec values: trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership. For trust, we look at how they talk about their previous employer. For transparency, we look for someone that is consistently committed to being open and honest. 

For integrity, we mean doing what you said you would do, at the time you said you would do it, to the quality you said you would do it. We may ask a candidate to share about a time when they didn’t meet the deadline for something, and tell us about how they restored their integrity.

As for leadership, we look to see if the candidate is ambitious, a self-starter, and if they are the type of person who is willing to share their insights for the greater good of our team. Overall, for someone to fit in seamlessly at In Time Tec, they must be able to live our values. If you feel like you embody the characteristics and values listed above, please visit to view available positions at In Time Tec in the U.S. and India!