Top 5 Reasons to Work at In Time Tec

Women gathered with laptops in a conference room

The tech profile of the Treasure Valley keeps increasing, leading to rumors that Idaho might be getting its own Silicon Valley. The speculation gained credibility with Meta Platform’s recent announcement. Meta is constructing a new data center in Kuna, Idaho, which will support Facebook, Instagram, and its other social sites.   

With all the competing technology companies in Idaho, why should you choose In Time Tec? Here are the top 5 reasons, gathered from employees, on why they like to work at In Time Tec.


The core values that In Time Tec bases itself around are trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership. Now, anybody can pay a Marketing Department to pick out buzzwords for the website or décor. But the expectation of abiding by those values is much more than a tagline. Our software developers operate under the brand promise "ROI, or you don't pay.”  


Our values create an open and honest culture. Our offices have an open floor plan, so you can easily talk to management when needed. In Time Tec employees have the option of enrolling in learning groups. Depending on the employee's interests, the various learning groups can help you learn more about our company, goal setting, programming, and much more. These Learning groups help connect employees in different departments and create a united culture.  


In Time Tec wants employees to continue improving professionally and personally, even after hiring. Employees are encouraged to continue to grow their skills for their job by In Time Tec funding professional courses and training. For personal growth, our company offers the learning groups and covers the cost of personal growth courses.  


Our leaders genuinely cares about In Time Tec employees. Combining our values and commitment to continuing employee growth means working with our managers is a unique experience.  


The motto of In Time Tec is “People First.” Prioritizing people creates happy and friendly employees. Working here means being surrounded by people who love what they’re doing.  

Don’t only take my word for it. Check out this video on what it’s like to work at In Time Tec.