Tips for Finding the Right Cybersecurity Partner

When your business has the budget for cybersecurity, a next good step is to find the right cybersecurity service partner for you. However, this tasks comes with many considerations and challenges to discover the best option.

What the Right Service Partner Looks Like

Here are a few fundamentals to consider before finalizing a good service partner:

Expertise in Cybersecurity

A good cybersecurity partner should be an expert in providing additional services apart from malware protection. While choosing a cybersecurity partner, do keep in mind that they are dedicated to supporting you, and work proactively on threat detection, patching, monitoring, DNS protection, and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). Understand what the experts are talking about by learning everything you need to know about cybercrime. Having these qualities in your cybersecurity partner will not take a back seat to you business's need to stay one-step ahead with their cybersecurity. Here at In Time Tec, we can help you do just that.

Supplying a 360 view

Supplying a 360 view means having an inclusive service that fits in every corner of your business risk profile. There are many instances where the service partner mitigates the risk without actually fixing the underlying problem. With the rise of the "work from home" culture, there has been a significant increase in cyber threats to business. Therefore, organizations must implement an inclusive strategy with both patch and vulnerability management as a part of a cybersecurity risk reduction plan. There are several easy ways to improve your buisnesses' cybersecurity.

Integrity and Objective Recommendations

Objective and Integrity are one of the things that businesses look for in cybersecurity partner. Having a security partner that can help you evaluate your IT environment and deals with business risks is something that is needed of the hour. Auditing and analyzing gaps in your environment gives you the opportunity to change things before they can be exploited. Cybersecurity is not a "one and done" thing -- it is a journey. Constant vigilance and recommendations may change year over year. Therefore, it is important to have someone who can come in and point out those changes. A cybersecurity partner can help you understand the impact on your business and help pivot your security strategy to address the risk. 

Why Businesses Fall Behind in Cybersecurity

In spite of frequent data breaches, businesses are still hesitant to implement cybersecurity. Small businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to size and limited protection while large businesses fail to update and reexamine their cybersecurity as technology continues to evolve. You can learn how to spot a cyberattack to better protect your business. Generally, the entire responsibility to keep an organization safe from cyber threats lies on the shoulders of the IT team. Therefore, a good cybersecurity partner will look at what you currently have before deploying and recommending additional layers. 

Cybersecurity Strategy

Developing a business strategy takes time and money, but it's worth it in the end. Before, cybersecurity was not given the importance it deserved in business, but during the later period of 2021-2022, it turned out to be an important factor in building an organization's strategy. 

Having a cybersecurity strategy that is aligned with your business goals will help your business mitigate further risks by adding an extra layer of security. Because of this, organizations can focus on achieving their goals, making the process efficient, and staying people-focused. Although the risk is ever-present and growing, a realistic view of it will help in shaping the measures taken. With a strong strategy and communication across organizations, cyber risks can be taken care of at the earliest without costing an arm and a leg. 

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Tips for Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partner

Customer Feedback

Positive experiences attached to a specific cybersecurity provider is always important. Finding a provider with happy customers ensures service and results are successful. The key to happy customers is a secure cybersecurity solution, and if your cybersecurity partner has similar feedback, it acts as a secure options for you to fix a cybersecurity partner. 

Expert in Compliance

Compliance in cybersecurity has become one the top concerns of organizations. "Over the past two years, the typical enterprise has been turned inside out. As the new normal of hybrid work took shape, all organizations need and always-connected defensive posture and clarity on what business risks remote users elevate to remain secure", said Peter Firstbrook, VP Analyst at Gartner.

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A fair amount of cybersecurity makes a huge difference in day-to-day operations and crisis management. Working with an outsourced cybersecurity service provider is advantageous for an organization because they provide 24/7 monitoring for attacks. These experts stay updated with the ongoing evolvement in cybersecurity and on the nature of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Training

It is very important that the entire organization is aware of cyber threats, and the corresponding security measures are expected to be taken is any such incidents occur. Hence, your service provider should provide training materials for employees to identify a cyber-threat. 


Cybersecurity is most productive if it is aligned with the business and the team. If the cybersecurity provider is viewed in a partnership with your organization, the strategy will be implemented and maintained effectively. 

A Flexible Cyber Approach

An organization looks for a cybersecurity partner that ensures delivering a sound cyber strategy with vulnerabilities and risks being addressed as soon as possible. Investing in a cybersecurity expert is a smart move for any business. A reliable partner will take care of your security with a defense mechanism so that you can focus on other important matters such as business goals and its planning with your team.  To smoothen the process for you, here at In Time Tec, we take care of protecting your data with a view to protect your assets against threats. 

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