The Value I Get from Working at In Time Tec

In today's business world, it's becoming more important than ever to work for a company with a strong value-based culture. At a time when there is so much uncertainty and change, a company's values provide a sense of stability and guidance. It helps employees feel connected to something larger than themselves and inspire them to do their best work.

Better yet, a strong value-based company culture enhances your career and your life. I've been working at In Time Tec for almost three years now, and my time spent here helps me prepare for new and challenging experiences in life.

One thing I’ve discovered while here is that a clear vision and a cohesive team are essential components of a value-based culture. In a culture that is based on values, leaders develop a trust-based relationship with their employees and promote a healthy working environment for everybody.

When you work in a culture that values its people, you can feel the difference. There’s a certain energy and excitement that comes with being part of something special. If you’re looking for a place to work that values its people, you’ve found it.

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The following are some of the most important aspects I've learned and experienced at In Time Tec when it comes to creating abundance for the lives of stakeholders, customers, and employees:

Open-Door Policy

The leadership team at InTimeTec actively encourages employees to establish open communication with the board of directors in order to better understand employees' wellbeing and address any communication barriers. In accordance with this policy, employees are free to discuss any ideas, express any concerns, or simply strike up a conversation with the core leadership, including the CEO, at any time. We believe that employees are more likely to trust and respect their environment when they feel free to express themselves. This can build nurturing relationships between employees and top management, which could bring about changes to raise employee morale and productivity.

Learning Groups

On way we practice our mission of "Creating Abundance" is through supporting employees' personal and professional development. To accomplish this, we enroll all of our employees learning groups depending on their nature of work. All of In Time Tec's learning groups are directed by managers and architects who have worked here for almost ten years and lead learning sessions on specific topics. We discovered that learning groups have been supporting us in establishing strong and new relations among employees. This not only leads to a more harmonious workplace, but it also creates better teamwork and workability. This is also an essential starting point for motivating and retaining employees and helping them advance both personally and professionally.

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The respective managers leading the team of employees call each employee for a personal meeting once a month. We put this strategy into action to learn more about what drives an employee and what doesn't. 

Call to Action: No trash talk here, why In Time Tec doesn't dunk on the competition. click to start being your own leader.Employees are given the opportunity to openly express themselves while also enabling their respective managers to better understand them. Employees have the opportunity to share their honest feedback and opinions with their managers about the company and their work through regular one-on-one meetings.

The Core Values

The four core values of trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership serve as the cornerstone for In Time Tec. These values may have contributed significantly to In Time Tec's success during the past 13 years. When it comes to establishing the company's culture and principles, leaders are key. If they don't live up to the values themselves, it sets a bad example for everyone else.

At In Time Tec, it was imperative for the leaders to walk the talk before they could trust the family of 1000 employees to commit to and live such strong values as trust, transparency, and integrity. The main reason In Time Tec is recognized for its culture today is that the leadership team has successfully enabled themselves to follow these values over the previous 13 years. I recall Jeet, the CEO, once saying during an all-employee meeting, "I cannot ask an employee to stretch their hours unless I'm willing to work 18 hours a day."

With that, we believe that for a company to succeed, it's essential that its values and actions are always in line. Living by the company's values is at the heart of our value-based culture. Everyone at the company, from the CEO to the entry-level employees, is in alignment with its mission and core values. Employees feel proud to be part of the company and its mission and are more likely to go above and beyond to do their best work

The Key to Success

The key to our success over the past 13 years has been our people-focused approach. People are always put first in all of our undertakings, including initiatives, policies, board meetings, and client onboarding. It is apparent that our top management constantly strives to personally connect with each of us in order to learn about our wellbeing and what works and doesn't work for us at InTimeTec. The leadership team makes it a priority to promote open communication and trust with each employee, despite the company growing to become a family of more than a thousand people.

You are more likely to succeed in your job if you have confidence in the company's leadership and feel that you are part of a team working for a common purpose. This type of culture also fosters a love of learning, as employees feel supported in their efforts to continuously improve.

Of course, no company is perfect, and there may be occasions when you believe your organization is not living up to its core values. However, in a value-based culture, employees are encouraged to be honest their concerns and work together to find solutions.

Finally, I've learnt and experienced over my three years at In Time Tec that culture is vital to a value-based company. People do come first and are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. The work is challenging and fun, and employees are encouraged to grow personally and professionally. Family comes first, and employees are given the flexibility to balance work and life. Love is the foundation of the company, and everyone works together to create a positive, inclusive environment to create abundance for everyone we come across.

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