The Best Figma Plugins Guaranteed to Perfect Graphic Designs

Figma is a web-based app used for graphic editing and user-interface (UI) design. Figma also serves up some of the best plugins to ensure the design process is fast and efficient, while still building designs with great user-interface. The Figma programs are built by a group known as the ‘Figma Community’ and possess extended features that help you customize the experience of users. These plugins are relatively easy to use and aid in making the designing process faster and more efficient. 

However, every designer knows the struggle of trying to choose a plugin best for the job. That’s why In Time Tec went ahead and tested the best Figma plugins for you! Below are 15 of the best plugins, guaranteed to enhance and speed up the design process.

  1. Dark Mode – Ever want to see what designs look like in dark mode with a single click? The ‘Dark Mode Magic’ plugin is a must for designers, because it can easily turn a light theme design into a dark theme, automatically generating color from the light palette to fit.
  2. Iconify – Iconify presents the biggest icon library with more than 100 icon sets, which you can search for directly and add in to your design. Figma also gives you the privilege to edit the icons and customize them according to your theme and layout. The cherry on top? You can instantly add brand logos and images into icons.
  3. Spell Checker- One of the most common mistakes designers make is neglecting spelling and grammar. With Spell Checker, it’s worry-free! With a single click you can check and correct your mistakes. It also gives you recommendations that you can implement into the text, making for a polished finish to any sentence. 
  4. Lorem Ipsum– Fun fact: this common space-filler is not actually Latin, but rather, just a bunch of words to fill up space. Designers often struggle to fill up the content space while creating designs, so having text fill up space instead is a lot more manageable. When generating this Figma plugin, it will automatically fill up text layers with dummy texts, thereby saving you from being distracted by content space and helping you focus on the designing part. 
  5. Auto Flow- The design process must depict the user-flow, or the user’s journey. Autoflow helps designers connect two frames with a line, or ‘connector’ to represent a clear idea of the user-flow. This allows you to move shapes or frames around the design and update the workflow automatically. 
  6. Remove BG- All designers understand how tedious it is to remove the background from every image. However, the Remove BG plugin makes this process simple, quick and easy. Gone are the days when you used to do manual labor over an image background. 
  7. Fig Motion- This one’s for you, developers! Fig Motion allows developers to easily manage the animations they’re building and creating in Figma, without the need of depending on third-party software. 
  8. Charts- Adding charts to your design is now a breeze with this plugin. Figma Charts gives you a variety of chart layouts to choose from, such as line, pie, bar and area charts of different configurations that can be well adjusted, per your requirements. Initially, when a frame is not selected, the chart will be placed at 0x0 and you can adjust it accordingly. Your data can also be copied from Excel or Google Sheets to make a live connection with remote JSON files. 
  9. Figma to HTML, CSS, React- This feature allows you to convert your Figma designs into HTML, CSS, React and many other prototypes. You can either select or copy the URL you want to import. This Figma plugin can be added to your Chrome browser as an extension and turn your designs into easily editable Figma layers.
  10. Design Lint- Design Lint looks for all the inconsistencies of your design and corrects them with a single click. It checks for mismatched fonts, colors, fills, border radiuses, and more. Design Lint is dynamic in the way that it automatically follows the corrections you’ve made while still building the design.
  11. Ghost UX Writer-  Ghost UX Writer is your desired plugin when you need a hand on UX copywriting. This plugin has an integrated  search engine that helps you to quickly find the written content you need, fast. Then, it can directly insert the selected copy to the clipboard. 
  12. PitchDeck Presentation Studio- Presenting Figma designs to team members or clients can be difficult and taxing. PitchDeck allows you to turn your design into a simple slide deck that can be converted into PDF format, then easily exported to PowerPoint, Google or Keynote. It also lets you record the presentation with video and audio. 
  13. LottieFiles- LottieFiles animations breathe life into designs. All you need to do is to drag and drop the .lottie and lottie.JSON files into your designs and you will get access to animations previewed in the LottieFiles. 
  14. Content Reel- This plugin was created by Microsoft and has emerged as the best plugin currently on the market. Content Reel aids designers in pulling content in the form of images, text, icons, and avatars. It has an expansive library to choose from, and can also fill a large number of layers with text and images, saving designers time and energy.
  15. Unsplash- Unsplash is considered as a website with stock of images that anyone can choose from, download, and implement into a design. Who doesn’t need a stock image from time to time?

Learning and understanding Figma allows you to level up your skills while simultaneously enhancing your design work. Designers can benefit from the ease and convenience, allowing them to focus more on what matters: creating. 

We want to know which plugins you’re planning on using! Leave a comment below.

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