6 Ways to Set Your Team Up For Success

It goes without saying that as a leader you should always make sure your team is set up for success. You know your team's strengths and capabilities, so optimize them. You also know their weaknesses, so help address them with courses or connect them with someone in the company who can help. Below are a few of the ways we make sure our employees at In Time Tec are set up for success. 

Setting our team up for success starts even before we have hired someone to join our team. It starts in the interview — we make sure that we are honest and open with the potential new hire. Covering topics like “What does an average day look like? What is our company’s work/life balance? Will they have to take meetings at night to work with a global team?”

Be transparent during the interview 
Don’t tell the candidate what they want to hear, tell them the truth. We also ask the potential new hire what they are looking for in a job and are quick to share if we can’t provide that experience for them. After all, at In Time Tec we are looking for a win-win or no deal with every interviewee. 

Provide necessary tools and skills
After we hire an employee, we make sure they have all of the tools and skills they need to deliver on what is expected from them. The company provides them with a computer, a headset, and a designated space to create. Is there a specific course the employee could take that could help them personally or professionally? If so, In Time Tec pays for it because we are all about investing in the ongoing success and development of our employees. 

One on one meetings with managers
When employees are having one on one meetings with their managers, the managers don’t just ask them about how their project is going, they ask more personal questions about how they are doing and what they are up to in life. One on one meetings between employees and managers are important for a few reasons. We have an open floor office plan so these meetings provide the space and time to talk about more personal topics. They also provide a more structured environment for feedback, or as we call it at In Time Tec, feedforward. 

Company offsites
In Time Tec hosts company offsites in various locations to learn, grow, and develop as a team. For example, we hosted a Creating Abundance Offsite in Garden Valley, Idaho, with 39 of our new hires to get them familiar with our platform and to explore what Creating Abundance truly looks like. You can get a glimpse of what goes on at one of our offsites here

Learning groups
In Time Tec enrolls each of our employees in one or more learning groups, which we wrote about here. These learning groups are led by one of In Time Tec’s Next Generation Leaders. By utilizing these learning groups in our company, we continue to grow and improve our employees and the future leaders of In Time Tec. We highly suggest that every organization implements learning groups into their routine.

Immersive program
We have also created an immersive program, an opportunity for junior level developers to continue their learning and growth to become  mid-level developers within 2-4 months time.  The immersive program participants can land in a variety of technology domains such as Data Engineering, DevOps, Full Stack Development, Test Automation, or CRM/ERP Development.

This immersive program is now the path all Jr Developers take when they join the company.  Primarily, this program builds their skills. It also allows In Time Tec’s vast experience across the software technology domain to create a win-win scenario where Jr Developers have what is needed to make a difference for our valued partners.

We are on a constant journey of doing our very best to encourage a healthy work-life balance, empowering our employees to be their best selves, granting them opportunities that will help them learn and grow, and always operating from a people-first mindset. Lastly, we are always celebrating and acknowledging the successes of our team members!