AI and Fraud: Benefits and Limitations in Today's Technology Landscape

Posted by Rohit Chauhan on Jul 12, 2023 9:30:00 AM

The exponential rise of cyberattacks poses a serious threat to the security of our online systems in the quickly changing technological landscape of today. Businesses and individuals fight together to keep ahead of cybercriminals' illicit conduct as they become more adept. Fortunately, the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has made it possible to combat these risks and fully realize the potential of cybersecurity.

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Topics: cybersecurity, Future Tech, Artificial Intelligence

Navigating Job Insecurity in the Age of AI

Posted by Rohit Chauhan on Jun 26, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly changing the software developer workspace. As AI-based systems replace many of the functions typically carried out by developers, uncertainty about job security grows. Advancement in AI could eventually result in fewer job openings for software developers and more competition for currently available employment opportunities.

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Topics: Future Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Education

Artificial Intelligence vs. Data Science: Opportunities and Challenges

Posted by Rohit Chauhan on Jun 12, 2023 9:05:38 AM

Two of the hottest topics in the tech industry at the moment are data science and artificial intelligence. Both AI and data science have developed into invaluable tools for assisting businesses in making better decisions due to their capacity to make sense of vast amounts of data. But which approach is superior for data analysis - using a human or AI?

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Topics: Future Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

Increasing the Use of AI in Software Development

Posted by Harshita Singh on Jun 5, 2023 9:39:57 AM

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm in recent months with new AI features and apps becoming easily accessible. From Chat GPT to Alexa or Siri, AI has quickly become our own personal assistants at the touch of a screen.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Education

Technology Behind Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and ChatGPT

Posted by Rohit Chauhan on May 1, 2023 9:09:25 AM

Large language models have recently generated a lot of buzz due to their potential uses in fields like artificial intelligence (AI) language modeling and machine translation. Transformer models have drawn much interest because they can produce cutting-edge solutions. A well-known research company called OpenAI has made a significant advancement in chatbot technology with the launch of ChatGPT. OpenAI's ChatGPT is setting the pace for the fast-developing field of chatbot technology.

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