7 Ways to Stay Secure While WFH

1. Use your company's VPN when possible and always use it when connected to public wifi, such as coffee shops and fast food places.

2. Make sure anti-virus stays up to date. Sometimes, being away from the corporate network means your computer can't connect to the anti-virus servers to get updates. Again, connecting to the VPN should resolve that.

3. Use your intraoffice messaging to verify suspicious emails. Phishing scams are more likely to be successful if they appear to come from co-workers because the apparent sender isn't nearby to check in with.

4. Be aware that emails with shipping information may be phishing scams. Phishing may be more successful because companies need to send equipment to people's homes.

5. Store data in your organization's cloud services to avoid data loss. If company documents are stored on removable media like a USB, it can get left around the house where your children might find it and take it to school, not knowing it is work-related. Or, a pet might eat it, and you, being unable to locate it, may have to report it as a data loss event.

6. Don't do personal activities on your work computer.

7. Keep all of your personal technology up to date and secure. For example, leaving default passwords enabled on your wireless can allow hackers to access your home network, including your work device.