Simplifying Grading with Connect To Remark Test Grading Cloud

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Do you remember all the hundreds of tests you took on preprinted forms while you were in school? And how there was always a moment of panic followed by dread when you realized you skipped a row and all of your answers were on the wrong row? Imagine how educators must feel managing all that mess.

Additionally, educators have been faced with the struggle of having to purchase expensive preprinted forms, not being able to ask short answer questions on these forms, using a whole form for a 6-question test, and worrying about all the possibilities for error in grading preprinted bubble tests. These struggles are becoming a thing of the past.

Remark® Test Grading Cloud, by Gravic® Inc., was created to simplify this process for K-12 schools and teachers. Built on the industry-leading framework of Remark Office OMR®, Remark Test Grading Cloud allows districts, schools, and teachers to print their own multiple choice answer sheets and scan using existing image scanners or copiers.

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Leveraging our expertise at In Time Tec, we have built an HP Workpath application called Connect to Remark Test Grading to optimize the improved system that Remark has created.

HP Workpath, formerly HP JetAdvantage Link, is a new open developer platform from HP that enables software applications to be installed on compatible HP multifunction printers (MFPs) running HP FutureSmart 4 or higher. These apps support a suite of software services that enable customers to better manage their print fleet by automating and simplifying processes.

"This is a real game changer in terms of the ease of development to connect HP Workpath devices to cloud-based solutions like Remark Test Grading," says In Time Tec President, Dan Puga. "It creates an intelligent end-point to improve the overall workflow."

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Connect to Remark Test Grading completely replaces the traditional manual test grading process, saving both time and money for educational institutions. It saves time for teachers by allowing them to print the tests straight from their printer, scan and grade the tests automatically, and then email the reports directly to the students. The bubble sheets are printed onto plain copy paper. This means that unlike standardized testing, there is no need to pay for traditional preprinted forms. This also alleviates the need for any special machine to grade these tests. Because there is no special machine needed to grade the tests, teachers are able to get the tests scanned, graded, and returned through email to students with meaningful reports faster than ever before.

Dr. Bruce Holenstein, President and CEO of Gravic, says, "The team at In Time Tec did a wonderful job building a simple but powerful application on the HP Workpath platform that will benefit Remark Test Grading Cloud customers using HP devices. Schools will find the addition of the embedded app greatly simplifies the user experience for educators who have standard grading tasks to perform. We deeply appreciate the positive impact this will have for the users and dealers of HP MFPs."

Along with Connect to Remark Test Grading, we have built connectors to several learning management systems and online test creation and grading platforms that can be found here.


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