7 Steps To Reducing Emotions That Are Not Serving You

two people sitting in chairs talking

1. Talk to someone outside the experience.
Saying what you are feeling out loud to an unbiased party can help it feel more manageable. It can also offer some insight you might not be able to see through your emotions.

2. Journal about it. 

3. Express in the moment.
If these emotions are showing up because of a situation with another person, share them. “Right now I am feeling ____ and I know that is not serving me or the situation.”

4. Practice breathing exercises.

5. Get complete with yourself.
Do the intellectual work to discover why you are having that reaction and realize the source. Some of our negative reactions can come from difficult experiences earlier in our lives. Understand and accept that. And then realize the control you have now. 

6. Meditate or exercise.
This can help release different chemicals in your brain to counteract the negative feelings. 

7. Take a break.
Sometimes it is necessary to ask for a few moments to gather yourself and your thoughts. But be sure to always complete the conversation or get complete with yourself. 

This content is taken from In Time Tec’s article, “Respect, Acknowledge, Accept: What I Learned From My CEO About Emotions,” written by Tasha Wise. To read the full article click here: https://blog.intimetec.com/blog/emotions