Monetize the Glass: Generate More MPS Revenue with HP Workpath Apps through In Time Tec

For years, multi-function print devices (MFP/MFD) have posed a problem for Managed Print Service (MPS) Providers: how to monetize non-copying and non-printing functions. Copying and printing are easily monetized by charging per physical page, but scanning is harder because there is no physical product to generate a charge; users simply place items on the glass and scan. Additionally, the functions are limited to scan-to-email functionality and fax. Now, however, there are more possibilities for you and your clients: In Time Tec’s series of HP Workpath connector applications give MFPs more functionality, and you get new ways to monetize the glass.

HP Workpath Apps Provide a Solution

By utilizing cloud functionality, In Time Tec’s HP Workpath Apps connect multi-function printers to many different cloud solutions across industries. Our Connect To apps turn MFPs into intelligent endpoints for cloud-based platforms, such as Quickbooks Online and Remark Test Grading, and open new revenue possibilities for MPS providers. Now, an MFP can directly interface with a cloud service, and MPS resellers can charge a monthly per-device subscription for that application and service. With a subscription service for apps, providers can guarantee a certain amount of monthly revenue for each unit—regardless of how much it is used to print.

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Better For Users & Better for Business

Turning print devices into intelligent endpoints of the cloud not only generates revenue for providers but is easier and more convenient for users as well. Take Connect To DocuSign, for example. Connect To DocuSign allows users to sign, scan, and send documents easily between parties using an MFP. In a real estate transaction for instance, multiple bankers might need to sign a document with wet ink signatures, and then send that signed document to a realtor or buyer. After the bankers sign it, they could then use the MFP device to handle most of the rest of the process: scanning the document, choosing where they need the signatures of clients or other parties directly from the screen, and then sending the document directly to participants from the MFP. This removes the cumbersome tasks involved in a traditional scan-to-email process where a user would have to scan the document, use their computer to open it in their email, then drag the document into DocuSign, process it, and then send it to other participants. Connect To applications remove these extra steps.

In Time Tec’s new HP Workpath Apps connect MFPs to cloud solutions from a variety of different industries, including education, business, security, and B2B. They turn MFPs into direct access points to these cloud programs, streamlining and simplifying the workflows of a wide variety of tasks.

The glass is no longer just a scanning tool. It is now a revenue stream.

Check out our Workpath Apps here.

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