Learning Groups: How In Time Tec Invests in its Employees

At In Time Tec, people come first. We choose to invest in our employees so they have the knowledge, resources, and direction necessary to reach their potential and fully serve our clients. One way In Time Tec approaches success is through learning groups, which provides a space for employees to undergo the learning phase and evolve as better, stronger, and more confident people ready to contribute to each other's lives. The learning groups have established a community across the company that gives everyone a chance to promote critical thinking, improve interaction, and foster development. 

Building In Time Tec's Future

With the goal to create a powerful, unified leadership team, In Time Tec created "Build ITT Future", a platform for technical leads and people managers to learn and hone their leadership skills. They areas of concentrations are: personal transformation and state of being; active discussion of work with leading people; development of the skills and tools to deliver quality work and manage people; ensuring client deliverables are the highest quality.

Jeet, CEO of In Time Tec, wanted a similar platform for new joiners who would be stepping out of their educational institution to work. To give them an ideas about how an organization operates, he created "Learn and Grow". Along with that, Jeet invented additional learning groups that elevated current skill sets and allowed employees to immerse themselves into environments that contributed to their growth. They are the following:

Learn and Grow Group

Learn and Grow is a mandatory learning group for all new In Time Tec employees. Every new hire spends a year in Learn and Grow, where they investigate, learn, and discuss the company's culture. This helped new joiners find alignment with the values and goals of the organization.

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Learn and Grow coaches offers refreshing perspectives on life situations and encourage the employees to really listens and be open to other ways of thinking to make them more powerful leaders. Coaches help them understand the reasons behind their fear or anxieties and help them come out of their emotions. As a result of this, employees start talking about failure as learning. 

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The Learn and Grow platform is a place where possibilities can be treated around the basic leadership principles, trust, transparency, and integrity. The ultimate goal is to produce abundance for the possibility of creation. 

Learn and Code Group

Learn and Code aims to transform In Time Tec's software developers into proficient programmers through learning and coding exercises. Each week, developers get together to discuss a different aspect of industry best practices and demonstrate how they've been implemented into their own code. The outcome is a set of practical skills that each developers may utilize to contribute clean, well-written code to the code bases of In Time Tec's products and those of our clients.  Some topics that have been studies and mastered are SOLID design principles and Clean Code ideas for manageable and readable code. 

Learn and Integrate Group

Learn and Integrate is a mandatory learning group for all lateral hires at In Time Tec. Employees who are hired laterally comes from different organizations and have been through different values and work cultures. The main purpose of this group is to integrate employees along the lines of In Time Tec's values, culture, and integrity. The Learn and Integrate platform is a place where possibilities can be created around the basic principles of leadership, trust, transparency, and integrity. Its goal to produce future leaders who could take this platform to the next level.

Learn and Contribute Group

Through group projects and ongoing leadership development, Learn and Contribute aims to mobilize In Time Tec personnel into powerful action. Applying the ideas from Learn and Grow into a collaborative environment that allows us to start building something that we couldn't have done individually. Between team projects and varied reading material, we seek to shift the focus from ourselves to others while simultaneously discovering distinctions that enable us to be effective leaders. 

Learn and Tech Connect Group

Learn and Tech Connect is for lateral hires to learn and follow the best coding practices from Clean Code book. They work on reviewing codes of working projects according to the best practices mentioned in the book. The goal is to use optimized coding practices that are easy to adapt and use with the minimal chances of errors. Employees come out with ideas that are more efficient and indulge in doing their work at a faster pace.

Learn and Design Group

In Time Tec has a platform for software engineers and junior software engineers where they are learning design patterns from the NPTEL course and work on designing a project. The designs are further given the shape of a PowerPoint presentation along with UML designs of different diagrams. Learn and Design mentors conduct offsite meetings to come up with new innovative ideas related to project designs in order to create workflows that maximize on efficiency. This group benefits employees by building confidence among them to handle any kind of project efficiently. 

Design Thinking 

Design Thinking is another one-day learning platform in which everyone is eligible to participate. The workshop exercises peoples' problem solving skills and asks participants to identify problems around them then provide immediate solutions to those problems. People who have attended Design Thinking claim it's made a positive impact on their perspective. They start to realize that problem solving is more effective than complaining. This brings innovative ideas on the table, which paves the way for future projects. 

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Why In Time Tec Has Learning Groups

In Time Tec has seen a significant increase in the productivity of employees after attending these learning groups. The employees not only evolve as better humans, but also learn how to overcome roadblocks within themselves, such as fear and anxiety. The focus of "me" shifts to "us", and this paves the way for future leaders who are ready to contribute towards organizational goals and not just personal goals. The radius of thinking widens, and this creates thinkers that are more forward-thinking and problem solvers at In Time Tec. Learning Groups keep the company united and establish a feeling of collaboration among employees. This influences In Time Tec's culture in a positive way and eliminates the self-centered mindset.

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We continue to develop and better our leaders of the future my implementing these learning groups inside our organization. We strongly advice implementing learning groups in every organization's routine. Get in touch with us on how learning groups operate, impact, and create possibilities for the company.