Hiring In The Post Pandemic Time

“Era of Great Resignations” is the term very widely used these days when talking about the attrition trends in Information Technology industry post 2020. And the trend is global. I always wondered why not call it “Era of Great Hiring”. There wouldn’t be high attrition if not for the even higher demand for talent. Can’t think of a reason for people to leave jobs without being able to get into another one. In my career of last 22 years, the current trend is unprecedented. The demand for skilled talent is way more than what was seen post the dot com burst of early 2000s and post the sub-prime crisis of 2008-2010. 

With the need for talent being so high and companies indirectly competing with one another, it has never been easier to get into jobs. With most of the workforce shifting to remote work because of the pandemic, the hiring and interview process has also witnessed a drastic shift. And I would like to highlight one of the challenges of remote hiring in this article.

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