Top 8 Business Intelligence Tools That Are Ruling In 2022

Business Intelligence (BI) contains strategies and technologies that are used by enterprises for data analysis and management of business information. BI tools are capable of handling large amounts of structured and unstructured information to help identify, develop and create new strategic business possibilities. The main goal of these tools is to allow easy interpretation of these data and identify opportunities for business along with a competitive market analysis for taking strategic decisions.

This analysis contains a list of the best business intelligence tools with proper information for you to pick up the suitable one for you.

1. DotNet Report BuilderDotNet Report Builder tool enables programmers to integrate reports and dashboards into their applications. The flexibility of the program enables customers to generate reports or charts without developer’s assistance.

The program is easy to install and starts with financial, marketing and sales reporting. The customizable dashboards with data connectors provide users with the ability to import and export data. Monitoring can be made easier with the help of BI reporting tools by analyzing income, losses, profits, staff productivity and performance.

Companies may use BI tools to analyze their customer’s behavior and trends. It can also be useful in understanding the situation within an organization by setting alerts, and conducting KPIs analysis to keep track of issues that might otherwise go unreported. BI solutions consolidate data and assists in formulating the general structure of the company so that managers and staff may focus on providing timely reports.

2. Altair – Altair is an open, scalable, unified and extendable analytics platform for data integration and transformation. Altair enables data-driven organizations by providing teams the power to use data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantage and derive excellent business results.

The Altair BI solution provides you with better access to more information. It maximizes its values by making the data usable and repeatable. Altair empowers business teams and leaders by providing data-driven insights across the organizations without the need to write a single line of code.

3. Amazon QuickSight – Amazon QuickSight is a cloud based BI tool that allows businesses to make informed data-driven decisions. Organizations may use Amazon QuickSight to analyze business insights before making any decisions. The dynamic dashboards can be easily integrated across various apps, portals and websites.

It allows businesses to dig deeper into information in order to formulate an interactive visual environment. This tool allows users to ask queries in English and thanks to the built-in lexicon and feedback system; there has been a significant increase in users of QuickSight. Features such as anomaly detection and forecasting make predictions about outcomes. Hence, by utilizing AWS’s machine learning capabilities, you can explore hidden insights of your data with easy-to-understand natural language narratives on dashboards.

4. Alteryx – Alteryx is a platform for automated advancement that can be used for personal development, transformational digital outcomes and innovative research. It is a combination of data analytics, data science and process automation.

Alteryx also uses natural language processing along with text analytics and text mining that enables users to explore data using automatically produced data profiles and trends. This tool gives code-first and low-code procedures as a part of the solution. The no-code method puts the power of analytics in the hands of regular people.

Alteryx automates repetitive tasks by linking the process to RPA bots or process intelligence systems. Microsoft Office, Microsoft power BI, XML, Adobe PDFs, Cloud data services are few of its examples.

5. Domo – Domo is a cloud-based business management tool that helps organizations in speeding up their digital transformation. It analyses data at both micro and macro level to provide teams with greater coverage related to challenges with the help of KPI dashboards.

You may integrate data by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to explore data independently. Domo is for every company that collects data to gather benefits from BI solutions. Domo has been successful in making its print across various industries such as education, services, health, media and entertainment, finance, transportation, retail, telecom and many more such industries.

6. Infor Birst – Infor Birst is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that helps users understand and optimize complicated operations. The tool provides end-to-end solutions including data warehousing, visualization and reporting platform along with a BI networked based approach on advanced automation and learning technologies.

Infor Birst has a unified and integrated interface to allow users to complete every stage of data analysis process under a single window for a smooth experience. The tool has been successful in making its impression across various industries like food and beverage, healthcare, HR services, telecommunication, sales etc.

7. Hitachi – Hitachi enables organizations to combine all sorts of information since the feature of software is specially designed for big data integration and data preparation. The platform is used for connecting and blending with applications, portals and processes.

Businesses can use Hitachi as a solution because it includes visualizations, reports, ad hoc analysis, and customized dashboards in their analytics. On the top of cherry, it supports

third-party charts, graphs, and visualization using an open API thereby increasing the range of statistical data.

8. IBM Cognos- IBM Cognos Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence software with AI suggestions in formulating dashboards and reports. It assists users with data preparation, analysis and reporting along with allowing users to communicate with programs using the English language.

It allows users to analyze data and visualize it through virtual reports making it easier to acknowledge and make decisions accordingly. With the help of this tool, you may have access to view and monitor all analytics and dashboards from anywhere with the mobile app.


In recent years business intelligence software providers became interested in producing universally applicable BI systems that do not require expensive installations. Cloud-hosted data analytics made it possible for companies to categorize large data volumes in order to make business decisions. Hence, by utilizing modern and professional business intelligence tools, each challenge can be taken care of by any business user without the need for massive IT involvement.

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