In Idaho, For Idaho.

graphic saying in idaho for idaho

When In Time Tec co-founder and CEO Jeet Kumar first moved to the United States at 27 years old, he landed in LA with $120 in his pocket. He was in a small apartment with a few other people in similar situations: fresh off a plane, armed with years of education and experience in the tech field, and working with a recruiter to find jobs stateside. There was no telling where Jeet would end up; a job could come up in small-town Maryland or at a high-rise in California. It was dependent on the recruiter and the companies they were working with. Within a few months, Jeet got a call. “There is an opportunity at HP, Inc. in Boise, Idaho.” He packed up what little he had with him and moved to the Treasure Valley. It was here where his kids were born, where he built a life and a family. It was here Jeet built a community and networked.  It was at HP where he met Dan Puga, who would eventually become his business partner and co-founder of In Time Tec. Dan grew up in Greenleaf, about an hour outside Boise. He met his wife in kindergarten and they (very much later) married and started a family in Nampa. 

In Time Tec has its roots in Idaho. Two of the co-founders met here, it was started here, it now has two offices and more than 120 employees here. Idaho is in our DNA. 

Idaho has worked for us for the last 13 years, now it is time for us to work for Idaho. 



Our mission is Creating Abundance and since our inception, we have been doing just that by supporting and working alongside many Idaho companies - Kount, Blue Cross of Idaho, Simplot, to name a few. In the last couple of years, we have been exploring ways we can create abundance in the public sector. Naturally, we started with our local and state governments. We are proud of the work we have done in this area and the partners we have made through projects and relationships. 

We are a local company with local employees and local clients. We live, celebrate, explore, and grow in Idaho. Sure, we have a global presence. We have clients outside of Idaho. We have offices in other states and countries. And none of that changes our love for our great state and our desire to contribute to both the public and private sectors. As we continue to embark on this journey in Idaho, we are clear on our commitment: We are in Idaho, for Idaho.