What Immersive Training is (And Why Your Company Needs it)

When starting a career, there can be challenges employees and employers face integrating and contributing into a team.  As a new entry into a chosen field, a person may have to come up-to-speed on complex business processes and gain fundamental domain knowledge before they can deliver meaningful value.  As an employer, you must provide time and space, along with learning materials, to a new employee.  At In Time Tec, we looked at how to create a win-win scenario for Jr Software Engineers and our partners with our immersive program.

So, what is immersive training? The word immersion means providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption or immersion in something. Immersive training simulates real-world scenarios to train employees in a safe and engaging immersive training environment. 

Enrolling new employees in an immersive training program provides a safe way for employees to prepare for and overcome issues that could potentially arise in the future. For In Time Tec, it allows our engineers to gain the confidence and skills needed to overcome certain obstacles in a safe environment where they are free to ask questions and are challenged with a curriculum based on our years of experience working with partners on a wide variety of software projects. 

In Time Tec’s immersive program is an opportunity for junior-level developers to continue their learning and growth to become mid-level developers within 2-4 months.  The immersive program participants can land in a variety of technological domains such as Data Engineering, DevOps, Full Stack Development, Test Automation, or CRM/ERP Development.

The immersive training program focuses on building foundational knowledge in a specific technology domain, working with other program participants in a collaborative manner, and learning agile development practices along the way.  Guiding the immersive program participants are technical leads and architects who bring their love for people and share their knowledge and experience.

A Jr. Developer completing the curriculum will have the training and meaningful development experience that enables more immediate contributions to a project and project team.  As project opportunities come up, immersive students are often placed into a project that directly applies their learning.  In some cases, an immersive program candidate has an opportunity to join a project where their learning sets a foundation. Also, they take on new learning in an adjacent or related technology domain, increasing the breadth of experience a developer has.

In Time Tec’s immersive program is now the path all Jr. Developers take when joining the company.  This program builds their skills and allows In Time Tec’s vast experience across the software technology domain to come together to create a win-win scenario, where Jr. Developers have what is needed to make a difference for our valued partners.

Since implementing this immersive training program, our employees have shown up as more powerful engineers with an enriched knowledge base and practical skills from the get-go. Ultimately, immersive learning exists to provide learners with hands-on, practical experience that allows them to tackle their future projects with confidence.

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