How to Get the Most Out of a Tech Partnership

Meeting of tech partners around a conference table

You’ve decided to take your tech offerings to the next level. Maybe you were tired of using paper when most businesses run more efficiently online. Or you looked at your systems and realized that code is long out of date. Working with another company can help you gain fresh knowledge and experience while allowing your employees to focus on other things.


The thing is, there are many companies out there that can handle your project. How do you ensure you get your money’s worth? I sat down with Rob Tuft, In Time Tec VP of Client Success, to find the answer. Tuft has overseen many different technical requests from potential In Time Tec partners for over nine years.




Before embarking on a business venture, it’s essential to decide on company values, in the project and outside of the project. For In Time Tec, we value trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership. We expect our partners to value the same and evaluate any project requests through that lens.


“Are they focused on their people, are they focused on delivering for their clients,” Tuft said. “Could we really see them as part of our company?”


This value alignment ensures that any project In Time Tec accepts are mutually beneficial and last long term. Before you start a new tech partnership, it’s essential to take a moment and assess what your company values and what you want the company you partner with to value.


Vested Partnership


In Time Tec strives to create vested partnerships when considering a new project.


“What a vested partnership looks like is one that’s interested in collaboration, and investing in both sides,” Tuft said.


The potential investments from In Time Tec’s side include training engineers for the new project, bringing in extra resources, bringing the partner original ideas, and other things as necessary. A potential partner will have to invest in bringing In Time Tec up to speed on the project requirements, getting to know our company, and even training as necessary.


“When we hold our Partner Celebrations, when they show up, they truly feel like friends or family,” Tuft said. “That’s how I know that it’s a vested partnership because we have developed that connectedness.”


Finding a fit 

How do you know when you have met the tech partner of your dreams? Creating something new that hasn’t existed before with software development poses challenges.


“What I heard our clients say, one time, is they truly gauge the success of a partnership not by if we can deliver but if we can work through the challenges that arise,” Tuft said.


He said the true mark of a vested partnership is the ability to overcome any challenges that arise in a project.


In the market for a tech partner? In Time Tec would love to help with your technical project. Contact us today.