Fight COVID with TouchFree MFP

Man wearing a face mask handles printer documents

Unfortunately, the spread of the COVID Delta variant calls the return to office back into question. Many companies worry about sending workers back into the office when there’s still a serious health risk. Fortunately, In Time Tec offers TouchFree MFP to help with that difficult transition back to the office.

TouchFree MFP is an app for both Android and iPhone that enables you to access your printer remotely. This remote access allows you to print, connect, scan, share, and copy documents, all without leaving the comfort of your office chair. TouchFree MFP works with HP OXPd enabled printers.

The Delta variant is vicious, spreading to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Eliminating the need to touch shared services helps prevent the spreading of sickness. It's essential to eliminate the office wait for the printer or scanner to reduce the chance of airborne spread of germs.

The spread of COVID correlated with a need for innovations to protect people's health. Doctors, scientists, medical workers, and many more all rose to the challenge. One significant change was the rise of touchless technology.

Touchless technology, any device with the ability to operate without physical contact, represents a new frontier of technology. TouchFree MFP, In Time Tec's innovation into touchless technology, empowers you to control your germ exposure and get familiar with a new creation.

TouchFree MFP offers peace of mind for a workforce that has endured a rough past year. Try it out for free on Android or iPhone.


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