DevOps - the Answer to Your Problems

As companies grow, there are demands for features getting to the market faster and pain points generally emerge when this happens. Developers often break each other's code when the changes conflict and code also gets complex, so the process of getting it out to production takes time. DevOps allows companies to do more, do it better, and do it faster.

DevOps automates a lot of these practices so code doesn’t conflict with other code. We ensure that there are tests in place to make sure your code isn’t breaking anything.

Sometimes the code is perfect, but the system hosting it isn’t powerful enough, so you need to invest in more servers. The infrastructure also includes a load balancer that pushes traffic to the server with the most capacity. Essentially, DevOps programs are put in place to fix small problems prior to becoming big ones.

In Time Tec's Take On DevOps

Because DevOps reduces the time it takes to develop and deliver quality value to the customer, the end-user benefits from DevOps as well. DevOps also removes constraints within the value stream and automates deployment pipelines, freeing up the time for the customer to focus on their core business. This allows for the customer to focus on providing value to the customer instead of worrying about broken code, long release times, etc. This results in a better outcome for both the customer and the end-user.

Aside from broken builds and long release times, DevOps also helps alleviate the processes that are error prone. With a global team, we have someone watching over these 24/7 to ensure efficiency on these processes. By utilizing the DevOps service, pain points almost always turn into solutions. Companies realize that they need to advance with the current era in order to remain competitive and deliver high quality value to the market. In the past years we have seen a steady increase in businesses racing to provide the right quality to the end-users.

According to Tom Smith in his article, Problems Solved by DevOps, “The most important problem being solved is the reduction of the complexity of the process -- whether it's configuring a new cluster for existing applications or provisioning the environment for a new application. This contributes significantly to our business success by shortening our time to market, giving us fast feedback on features, and making us more responsive to our customers' needs.”

DevOps also sets the standard higher by encouraging continuous improvement. If one company is utilizing DevOps and the other isn’t, it is obvious that the one who is has the competitive advantage. This is because there is a less chance of error and the speed of deployment is faster, resulting in happier end-users.

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