Creating Abundance in Our Community

Image of The Idaho Foodbank.

Here at In Time Tec, we're all about putting people first. It's one of our leading sources of inspiration. To put that philosophy into action, we choose to care for others outside of In Time Tec by becoming more involved in the community and supporting those in need. 

In June, In Time Tec volunteered at The Idaho Foodbank to serve those in need who experience hunger in Idaho. As a group, we packed enough boxes to feed 375 families within two hours. The numbers were fulfilling. Not only did they measure the impact, but they solidified our understanding of putting people first. 

With this growing sense of community, In Time Tec is ready to keep the giving energy going. We are ready to host internal food drives to collect and donate to the foodbank and we're brainstorming more ideas to expand our community outreach.

Our goal is to create abundance with what we have and what we do. Connecting and helping our neighboring nonprofits not only helps them but helps us. It boosts our company culture and camaraderie and reminds us about the importance of teamwork. 

Who We Already Serve

In Time Tec is already creating abundance in Idaho through our public sector partnerships. We do this by offering software solutions to every level and department of government and public sectors by improving access, empowering the team, and simplifying existing processes. 

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare & IdahoSTARS, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, and Idaho Industrial Commission are among those we provide software solutions.

The Idaho Department of Health & Welfare & IdahoSTARS strive for the independence and safety of Idahoans. In Time Tec allowed them to go from a paper-based system to a web-based one, making their day-to-day operations more efficient and intuitive. 

Similarly, at Idaho Industrial Commission, In Time Tec focused on replacing paper dependent solutions with digital solutions. Basically, going paperless and providing 24/7 online access that is customer service friendly. As a state agency responsible for workers' compensation and employment, we want to ensure a secure and easy process. 

For the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, In Time Tec developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android to offer educational courses to families who don't have regular computer access. IDLA focuses on innovative education and offering supplemental high school courses to keep the youth educated, and ITT wants to support this mission by offering easier solutions. 

Next Steps

The next step is to maintain our efforts with government and public sectors and propel forward our connections with local nonprofits. Together, we make up a community. As people, it's out responsibility to care, provide attention, and give support to others through what we have and what we can do. The beauty of this plan is that it evenly aligns with our ground roots. As a company, we strive for the betterment of people and working from love. 

We’re experts in software solutions and providing ease and efficiency, but we’re also experts in offering support. To expand our community outreach means extending our circle of impact, and In Time Tec is ready to serve all those in need.