What We Are Reading- Company Edition

guy sitting in chair reading

Every month we share content that we are reading. This month, we dive into what our entire company is reading together.

Harry S. Truman said it best, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” 

Independent learning is something that we do not take lightly here at In Time Tec. Reading is a simple way for our employees to expand their knowledge, build their expertise, and contribute to their growth while becoming leaders. 

Here is a closer look at the specific author and book our company is reading:

Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright. This book explores the various ways people function within organizations and teaches you how to lead, change, and improve your organization’s culture. With all of our employees reading Tribal Leadership, we are all able to use and understand a unified language. The book explains the importance of identifying  company values and establishing a noble cause. Furthermore, it explores the five different stages that companies operate at:

Stage 1: 2% of workplace tribes operate at this stage. 

  • “Life sucks” language

Stage 2: 25% of workplace tribes operate at this stage. 

  • My life sucks” language

Stage 3: 49% of workplace tribes operate at this stage.

  • “I’m great, and you’re not” language

Stage 4: 22% of workplace tribes operate at this stage.

  • “We’re great” language

Stage 5: <2% of workplace tribes operate at this stage. 

  • “Life is great” language

Though we have already identified our company values, Trust, Transparency, Integrity, and Leadership, and established our noble cause, Creating Abundance, our journey is not over. When our leadership team got together, they identified that we are currently operating at stage 4 as a company. Our goal is to be operating as a stage 5 company and for all of our leaders to be operating individually at stage 4 or stage 5. Once everyone has completed reading this book and understands Tribal Leadership language, we will begin implementing coaching plans to move individuals in our company to the next stage. We believe that Tribal Leadership is a great resource for other organizations who may be feeling like their organization’s culture needs improvement to implement.