Benefits of Attending Local Tech Conferences

Everybody knows time is money. This advice especially holds for businesses, as limited budget and personnel can only go so far. That's why choosing which conferences to attend is essential.

If you can’t catch them all, the temptation can be to attend the biggest and flashiest. After all, the more popular the conference, the more to gain, right? Not so fast. Smaller, local conferences offer many benefits for your business, so don't count out the underdog just yet.

  1. Establish yourself as a local option

In the vastness of the Internet, it's hard to stand out in a sea of competition. Appearing at a local tech conference helps get the word out about where you are and how easy it is to find you. Some businesses prefer to team up with a local partner in the same time zone.

  1. In-person impressions matter

As much as I write and write, nothing can beat meeting potential clients. I can tell you our CEO Jeet Kumar is a friendly CEO who truly loves to help people. I can link you to his 2022 presentation at Intermountain Technology and Leadership Conference (IMTECH). But you have no idea if any of that means anything until you meet him and judge for yourself. Never underestimate the power that meeting in person can do for your business.

  1. Find out what’s local

The other side of presenting yourself as a local business is finding out what’s around you. For specialty conferences, the attendees will be in similar fields. You can find out about your local competition or establish new partnerships in your area of expertise.

  1. Discover the latest news

Google can tell you everything, but it can take forever to wade through a deluge of information. A local conference features speakers and booths tailored directly to what you do.

Now that you’re sold on local tech conferences, the next step is finding ones near you. In Time Tec is based in Meridian, Idaho, so we have a few favorite Treasure Valley Tech Conferences.

Spring entails the arrival of the Idaho Education Technology Association (IETA) Conference, Boise DevOpsDays, and IMTECH in Idaho. IETA Conference is a gathering of local options for education and technology. DevOpsDays offers a chance for local tech companies to come together and share their DevOps tips and tricks. IMTECH is more general and allows companies in the Pacific Northwest to present on leadership and technology.

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