Back to School with HP Workpath

August means everyone’s gearing up with new binders, pencils, and backpacks for the upcoming educational year. It’s also the perfect time to assess your educational offerings. HP Workpath, HP’s app store for select HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs), offers several apps designed to improve education workflows. Setup is easy for HP Workpath apps, as it requires no additional equipment and integrates with your existing print fleet. Here are a few of our favorite applications:

  • Connect to Remark

Connect to Remark eases teachers’ workload by allowing for easier grading and test sheet distribution. The app enables scanned answer sheets to be instantly graded, saving teachers valuable time. Plus, thanks to direct access to Remark, any user can immediately print test sheets from the MFP.

  • Connect to Blackboard

Connect to Blackboard allows the MFP interface to give you improved access to Blackboard. Print, scan, and upload documents straight to your Blackboard Learn account, instead of taking many trips back and forth to your desk. The app makes your workflow more efficient by reducing time spent scanning, printing, and uploading.

  • Connect to Canvas

Connect to Canvas offers improved sharing of documents between students and instructors. The app enables direct access to Canvas from an HP MFP to spend less time handling documents. Plus, removing steps spent scanning, uploading, and emailing from the workflow lowers the chance of mistakes that affect grading.

  • Connect to Moodle

Connect to Moodle adds new educational options for your HP MFP. Log in directly to Moodle to allow for scanning and uploading of files. You can also easily print files you have stored in Moodle.

Back to school season is the perfect time to consider your educational offerings. Take it to the next level with HP Workpath Apps. If you want to create your own HP Workpath app, In Time Tec is happy to help. Contact Us.


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